Taking Fur Scarves is not less than an art. Moreover, if you know various ways of taking a scarf, you can alter your style on a daily basis with only one scarf in hand. Here I am telling some different yet most amazing ways to tie your Fur Scarves this season, to look stylish, elegant, and chic:

Get Bandana Style:

Make sure you have long Fur Scarves for this technique of tying. To get this style, you don’t need buckles, belts, or brooches. All you need to do is fold your Fur Scarves in the shape of a triangle and then wrap it around your shoulders, you can tie as well. The knot would be on your backside and the front side will look like you are wearing an elegant bandana.

Make Tartan Ponchos with Fur Scarves:

This technique is also for bigger Fur Scarves with more fabric. You need a belt along with a scarf to carry this style. The technique is not hard. You just have to pick both corners of your scarf and drape it around your shoulders. Now take the belt and tie it around your body from where it touches the mid-length of the scarf. The tartan poncho style is ready.

Wear Fur Scarves Like Ties:

All those Fur Scarves that are larger in lengths yet have small width can be used for this way of tying your scarf. You don’t know to knot a tie? Well, you don’t need to make this style. Fold your fur scarves in two and place them on your shoulders. Now, pick both the ends and tuck it in the hole of the scarf in an alternating manner. Your tie with fur scarf is ready.

The Vintage Blanket Technique:

This is the easiest yet most stylish technique to wrap your Fur Scarves around the neck. In this technique, you need to fold the scarf in halves like a triangle and place it on your shoulders without tying. Let the ends fall below and walk like a boss. You can even carry a coat with vintage blanket Fur Scarves.

Half Tie Style for Fur Scarves:

For this style, you will have to make a triangle with your Fur Scarves to divide them in the halves.  Bow, keep the lower end of the triangle behind your back and take other two ends in your hand. Start wrapping these ends in your neck. Make two wraps but in a loose way. Attach the scarf with brooches. Your Half Tie Style for fur scarves is ready.

Knotted Scarf Technique:

Last but not least, the simplest technique to carry fur scarves is in a knotted way. This technique is best for scarves longer in length. Now, make a knot on the one end and then slip the other end into the hold of the knot. Don’t make it too tight rather let them remain loose. Your knotted scarf style is ready.

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