Every New Year brings new fashion and trends that people follow very much but some trends take a long time to go. As you can see the jackets, these are never out-dated, only new stuff might change the trend but the importance of jackets never the less.  Especially when we talk about cozy and soft fur, the fur jacket is now on the trend. As the winter comes in Europe and America, the trend towards fur jacket is going wild. It can be used by both gender but females love to wear fur in any shape and kind. Let’s have a look of the fur jacket and what she brings for us this time?

Features of the fur jacket:

1.     Fox fur over leather:

We are proudly producing fur made of Fox and the leather of its skin. The beautiful fur-jacket is the only solution for your trendy look. You will feel warm as well as it looks classy with any pair of jeans. It’s not only a fur-jacket but also made of fox skin leather. The leather is so soft and warm that you can easily hide from the coldest weather.

2.     Removable sleeves with zipping:

The Fur-jacket has removable sleeves that you can remove or adjust according to the requirement. The long sleeves are the best to stop the cool breeze and when you came in, you can remove it without any problem. In this way, you can save yourself from cold and also make your fashionable look active. The zip we are using on the jacket is made of good material that is why after rough use of the zip, it stays longer.

3.     Professional clean only:

The fur-jackets are very sensitive. Make sure you are not using any other detergent or chemical to remove the stains or for cleaning purpose. Only use the why company instructed on the packing of the fur-jacket. Remember, any direct encounter of water may harm the leather of the fur jacket. So, it is better to wash the jacket according to the instructions. It is the only way to keep the fur-jacket safe for a long time.

4.     Available in different sizes:

The best thing about this fur-jacket is, it can be available in all the standard sizes like small, medium and large. Moreover, our company will exchange the sizes according to the demand of the customers. You can replace the size according to your requirement, we will never charge for such services.

You can visit our website for more beautiful fur jackets, here is the link Fur Jackets. You can check the hundreds of other options in fir-jacket here. The prices are very affordable. If you check the market value of the fox skin leather and fur than you will surely buy the multiple pieces of these fur-jackets. Don’t waste your time on other fake products, we are providing the guaranteed leather with pure fur of the animal.

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